Love cooking – Little Cooks Co product review

As someone who massively believes in teaching children independence and important life skills such as cooking early on in life, I am absolutely thrilled to introduce this amazing subscription box to you all. Little Cooks Co is a monthly subscription box for just £7.99 that provides you with all the dry ingredients you need to make a delicious snack with your little ones, the box includes the recipe card for the snack, as well as a recipe card for a simple hot family meal you can also cook with your little ones too.

The company’s tag line is Healthy Kids cooking kits delivered through your door and this is completely true with products that are organic,l and contain no refined sugar or gluten, it truly is a perfect way to spend quality time together having just delicious healthy fun with your little ones.

The Little Cooks Co was founded by two amazing mums, one of which is a registered nutritionist. The company was founded upon the believe that the kitchen is heart of the family and that it is somewhere to share and learn as a family. The companies philosophy is keeping it natural and keeping it simple. Little Cooks Co is passionate about making a difference to children and families across the UK by providing an exciting way to access healthy food and start good food habits early on in life.

What did we receive?

This month we received a recipe card for Bouncing energy balls!

They were simple to make with only peanut butter and boiling water needed in addition to the dry ingredients provided.

We received an additional recipe for a hot family meal to cook, this one was Fantastic family meatloaf!

We also received a special tea bag for the little one.

We even received some beans to plant and grow our own ingredients, these also came with an instruction card.

What did we think?

Luke was absolutely thrilled with this box and enjoyed making the energy balls. He was excited about having his own recipe card and even attempted to read it himself, although we aren’t actually at the reading stage yet. At the end we all enjoyed the treats he had made as a family and he tried his first ever cup of tea.

After we had enjoyed our treats we got the plant pots and compost out to plant our beans.

Needless to say we were impressed. This product has really stood out for us and is definitely something we would subscribe to in future. It is good value for money; it is a quality product and has a lovely philosophy behind it which is hard to deny. Add to that the lovely products you can buy along side your box, such as a recipe binder and apron for your little one, you really can’t go wrong.

Please visit Little Cooks Co and try a box for yourself.

Love Early Education,

Love Kylie x