Love Learning – Children educate themselves?

This is an extremely interesting article about children’s learning and play. I’m just reading article number 3 of this series.

I am a great believer that you support children through an enabling environment and that they should lead the provision you put in place. I also believe you should never help a child do something that they can do themselves or they are trying to do themselves, obviously unless they are visibly distressed. This article links to the way in which children naturally learn. Enjoy.

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Love Lifecycles – day 7 of 30 days wild 

Day 7 of #30DaysWild just watched a Sparrowhawk hatch live on #BBCSpringwatch 

You can watch the magical moment or carry on watching live at 

What a lovely way to show children the magic of life cycles!

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Love Sharing – Sharing Sunday

I have been so busy this week with an exciting trip to York and working on my assignment that I haven’t had a chance to update my wordpress page but I have been sharing on Facebook and twitter, so I have decided to do a ‘Sharing Sunday’ and share all the activities, news and pages I have shared on my Facebook this week. This may become a regular feature along side my Quote of the Week, which I will do by the end of tonight 🙂

So here we go, Sharing Sunday…

This social experiment called ‘The Kidnapping Children Experiment’ was filmed by Yousef Saleh Erakat who runs fouseyTUBE. It is shocking and scary but really makes you think, how would you react? As it says in the footage 30 seconds of bravery could save a childs life.

Here are a few links from a new page I’ve been following on Facebook, The Natural Parent Magazine…

What an awesome idea…

I absolutely love this, it is so true…

Thinking I must still be in that amazing state of life that is childhood…

And finally one from Simple Homeschool, which is a lovely little literacy quote…

Hope you like these as much as I did.

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Love Equality – Gender divides hinder progress at school

The Lib Dem Equalities Minister has a lot to say about gender equality in play, take a look:

It would seem that Charlotte Benjamin’s fantastic letter to Lego is getting the recognition it deserves, as it got another mention in the sky article above. If you’ve not seen it yet have a look:

Girl, 7, praised for letter to Lego about gender stereotyping in toys

What’s your opinion?

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