Love Literacy – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle celebrates it’s 45th anniversary this year. The book was originally published on 3rd June 1969 and 45 years later it is still a favourite with children around the world.

So In celebration of this incredible book I decided to go on search of some Very Hungry Caterpillar activities and here are a few.

This activity is one of my favourites that I have found, if you love using props to bring stories to life try this Very Hungry Caterpillar sock puppet .

Here is another caterpillar prop that can be used during the story, as well as for counting and fine motor skills.

If your looking for something to improve critical thinking why not try a Very Hungry Caterpillar puzzle. This activity can be used in a variety of ways, you can start it as a mark making activity and as well as being a puzzle you put together you can use it to talk about shapes and colour as well as using it as a counting activity. If you want a little less prep time use paper plates.

If your looking for some more mark making activities, here are two painting activities for making some caterpillars, cup painting and balloon painting.

And last but not least here is a page that I found on Facebook called toddler approved and it’s full of fun activities including 25 Very Hungry Caterpillar activities .

I hope you find something on this post to help you to celebrate one of my all time favourite books in your settings but if not how about a live butterfly garden. They aren’t expensive and you can buy them quite easily online. You get a small container with 5 caterpillars in and it contains all the food they’ll need before they make their chrysalis better known as a cocoon.The container has a window on so the children can see everything going on inside. Once they have attached themselves in their cocoons to the lid of the container, you take the lid off and attach it to the inside of the butterfly garden (which is actually a large cylinder net) with the safety pins provided. The children can seem the transformation take place and eventually the caterpillars come out of their cocoons as beautiful butterfly, you can feed them fruit for a few days and then the children can help to set them free. It is fascinating for the children to watch and setting them free can be an adventure in itself, whether you set them free or go to your local park or local woods.

A nice little song to go with this is

Incy wincy caterpillar(in the tune of Incy wincy spider)

Incy wincy caterpillar crawling on a leaf
Spun a little chrysalis and then he went to sleep
While he was asleep he dreamt that he could fly
and when he woke up he was a butterfly.

If your looking for more books about butterflies and caterpillars, one of my current favours is Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. Monkey Puzzle is a fantastic book that is about a little monkey who has lost his mum and dad and a butterfly helps him to find them. The confusion begins because the butterfly doesn’t realise the monkeys mum and dad look like him because as she later says ‘none of my babies look like me’, her babies still being caterpillars. It is a lovely book that you can use to talk about caterpillars and their transform to being butterflies. You could also use it to talk about diversity and families and communities such as ‘do you look your mum or dad?’, this could include a mark making activities such family portraits or self portraits. You can also you can use it to learn about rhyming words, as you can do with a lot of Julia Donaldson books.

What was your favourite book as a child?

Love Early Education
Love, Kylie x


Love Diversity – Chinese New Year also known as The Spring festival.


I had the chance to see some of the Chinese New Year celebrations at my university yesterday. There was Chinese food including some tasty spring rolls and a tea ceremony. There was also Chinese calligraphy, origami, table tennis and Chinese drums with a dragon dance.


These are fantastic for a university but are you wondering what to do in your early years setting for Chinese New Year? Here are a few ideas:

🐴 Year of the horse – so for the most basic of activities get the paint or the pens out and draw some horses. Talk about Chinese New Year and the zodiac and let the children pick what animals they would like to draw, talk about what they look like, how many legs, what colours they are and what noises they make etc.

🐴 Expressive arts – Want some more arts and crafts activities? Well there are plenty for Chinese New Year, as well as the animals paintings you can make Lanterns, Chinese fans and for your pre schoolers you could even try some basic origami. You could also help the children to make some red envelopes or a Chinese drum.

🐴 Music and movement – you can make some Chinese drums with your children, all you need is two paper plates each, some sticks (lolly sticks will do), some string and something like a pair of bells or beads and you are good to go. Let the children decorate them and then let the music and movement begin 🙂 As well as your Chinese drums you could include some sings such as gung hay fat choy!

🐴 Fine motor skills – Today in my setting we made some rainbow rice (red is perfect for this time of year)
and used our fine motor skills to try and use chop sticks to pick the rice up, it was good fun and the kids loved it.

🐴 Maths – Make some Chinese food this week, some that takes a few ingredients, something like spring rolls. That way you can get the children to help measure and count the ingredients and at the end of it, they even get to try some yummy Chinese food 🙂

I know there are a lot more activities out there to celebrate this special time of year but we have 23 days of spring festival starting tomorrow, so please share all your ideas and keep an eye on my Pinterest for more ideas.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Love Early Education
Love, Kylie x

Love Diversity – Martin Luther King Day

I mentioned this on my MLK day post on my blog, I knew I’d seen it somewhere. It’s great to have a lovely picture to put to the activity from quirky momma!

Here’s a few ways to see quirky Momma’s awesome activities:

Thinking I need to invest in a Pinterest account for my blog as well as my personal account.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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Love Diversity – Martin Luther King Day


Although Martin Luther King Day isn’t commonly celebrated in the UK, it gives us a fantastic opportunity to celebrate diversity and inclusion in early years setting, especially in a pre-school room. In America it falls on the 3rd Monday in January, so this year MLK day is January 20th 2014. Martin Luther King Jr was a truly inspirational man who was famous for his speeches about equality and inclusion, these are the ideals that practitioners work to embody and instil everyday in their settings.
There are many ways that we can celebrate MLK day and below are just a few:

🇺🇸 Utilise technology – whether it be a computer or a tablet, in this day and age the recordings of Martin Luther King Jrs speeches are only a click away. So get clicking, whether it be circle time or if you have TV time, let the children watch the I have a dream speech and talk about it and let them ask questions. If you don’t know the answers you can look for them together online.

🇺🇸 Let the children dream – You can encourage them to draw, paint or write, you could even include the use of a computer or a tablet, but encourage them to think about what their hopes and dreams are and let them express them.

🇺🇸 Public speaking – Martin Luther King Jr was known for his public speaking, not all children are confident enough to express themselves in public or have the language skills to do so. So encourage them to do so and support them in their efforts, encourage them to stand up and tell the group some news or a story during circle time or if you have particularly shy children, split them into smaller groups.

🇺🇸 We are all the same on the inside – Prove this to your class with a little experiment. Get a white egg and a brown egg and get the children to crack them open and show them how they are the same on the inside the same as we are, you could even do this as part of a baking activity, remember always be aware of allergies as well as hygiene.

🇺🇸 Kindness is the key – Create a kindness jar, you could do this for a day, a week or keep it as a permanent fixture. At the start of your day during circle time, register or however you start your day introduce the jar, talk about why we should be kind to others and how we can be kind to others. Then throughout the day let the children write down (or if they aren’t at that level yet you can write them for them) acts of kindness they have done for others and at the end of the day get them to read them out or you can read them out to the group.

I hope this inspires some of you to celebrate MLK day this year and I would love to hear any more ideas anyone has on ways to celebrate this brilliant day.

Love Early Education

Love, Kylie x