Love expressive art – Early Years Resources Outdoor Mark Making kit review

Here at Love Early Education we have been lucky enough to become part of the EYR blog network. The first product we have received is the Outdoor Mark Making Kit.

This amazing kit promises to provide you with a jumbo kit with everything your outdoor explorers need for BIG, messy art investigations and it definitely delivers!

It is supplied in a jumbo Gratnell tray with lid, making it perfect for easy storage. It includes:

🎨5 big brushes

🎨6 sprayers

🎨4 big texture printers

🎨4 big pattern rollers

🎨6 squeezy bottles

🎨12 droppers

🎨25 various brushes

Just add paint to start dripping, dropping, squirting and splashing your way to exciting outdoor art using paint, sand or mud.

Here at Love Early Education we only have one little artist to test out the products we receive, so when it came we were pleasantly surprised with the size of the kit. During our first outdoor art adventure we decided to only use part of the kit because it was so large. I think the content size is ideal for childminders and nurseries and more than enough for any Home Educators looking to support their children in developing their creative side.

We had an incredible time with our outdoor mark making kit once our audience was ready and we unpacked everything, it was time to go wild.

By far Luke’s favourite was the spray bottles and the squeeze bottles. He also enjoyed getting completely and utterly covered in paint. My favourite part of the kit was the large rollers. The product offered fantastic opportunities for both fine and gross motor skill development and obviously lots of opportunities for expressive arts. The best part was once it was all cleaned up it all went back in its lovely box and was easily stored. I really can’t recommend this product enough and I am excited to see what else Early Years Resources has to offer.

Take a look at this kit and all of the Early Years Resource products below:

EYR Outdoor Mark Making kit

Love Early Education,

Love Kylie x


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