Love Science – Cell-fie Education product review

Here at Love Early Education we have recently had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing our first Cell-fie Education box.

Who is Cell-fie Education?

Cell-fie Education are a small business based in the North East of England, set up to promote science education  throughout the country. Their activity boxes are aimed to bring families together through the enjoyment of scientific activities. Their motto is ‘A Lesson in a Box’ but they aim to offer so much more.

The business was set up by Martin in early 2016. Martin is a qualified Science Teacher and he wanted to promote the love of science and learning in the North East and across the country. They offer a wide range of science based activity kits to cater to a child’s curiosity and ensure that children can learn through fun. 

What did we receive?

This months box was a Liquid Lab.

We received practically everything we needed for the experiment:

A bottle

Food colouring


Alka Seltzer

Materials to make a lava lamp

Battery pack

LED bulb

Plus the Liquid Lab booklet with facts and various activities in.

What we thought

This box is so different than anything else we have received here at Love Early Education, not just because the box is entirely curriculum based and ‘a lesson in a box’ but because it was so exciting yet so educational. We had the opportunity to explore liquid density with hands on materials and even make our own lava lamp. Although Cell-fie education says it is a ‘lesson in a box’, it is actually several activities (a minimum of 3). Luke is only 3 years old and he was so excited by the activity but the Cell-fie Education kits are so versatile that they offer something different for children throughout Primary school. The best part of Cell-fie Education kits are that they are so simple for parents, they have simple instructions and provide easy to set up an exciting and engaging activity with no preparation.

Take a look at our exciting afternoon of science…

Cell-fie Education kits are £10.95 a month and are dispatched on the 16th of every month. so visit Cell-fie Education and order your first box today.

Love Early Education,

Love Kylie x


Love topic – EduTopix review

Here at Love Early Education we have recently had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing our first EduTopix box.

Who is EduTopix?

EduTopix is a fantastic company who sells a range of resources and also themed boxes that are ideal for childminders, home educators and parents that want to educate their children in exciting, new ways based around a variety of topics. The topic boxes are jam packed with topic based resources, toys, objects, activity ideas and accessories, delivered straight to your door on a monthly subscription or one off basis.

This months box is the Hop, Skip and Jump box.

What will you receive?

1 x Paddling Pool 34 x 6 inch

1 x Telescopic Fishing Net

10 x Ball Pit Balls in a variety of colours

1 x Speedball

2 x Rackets

1 x Shuttlecock

1 x Plastic Ball

1 x Skipping Rope

1 x Mini Kite

1 x Beach Ball

1 x Rainbow Ribbons

1 x Bean Bag

1 x Giant Pavement Chalks pack

1x Bean Bag

Self adhesive sheets:  Bean Bag Toss sheet and Bullseye sheet.

What we thought

As soon as the box arrived I couldn’t believe how big it was and home many items were in the box. Luke was absolutely over the moon to discover the box contained a paddling pool and net and wanted to get it out immediately.

We received a fantastic planning sheet explaining what each item was for and how it should be used and giving a variety of ideas for activities.

We started with the pool using the balls and nets. We enjoyed fishing for different colours and counting how many we had ‘caught’. Obviously the excitement of a paddling pool minus the balls or the net was fantastic and Luke had literally spent hours in the pool.

Usually for reviews we have a lot of photos but we were honestly so involved in the activities there didn’t seem time to take any. We played tennis with the shuttlecock and with the ball pit balls. We played with the beach ball in and out of the pool. We played speedball, I think the adults enjoyed this as much as Luke did.

One of my favourite things we received in the box was the self adhesive sheets for the Bean Bag Toss, for one I love the idea of being able to recycle the products we receive here at Love Early Education but this took it to a whole new level. We were able to turn the box itself into a game, we had so much fun playing the Bean Bag Toss.

The best thing about EduTopix boxes that is different to your typical subscription boxes is that the products can be used over and over again, whereas as lot of subscriptions are one off activities to do there and then, EduTopix products can be kept in the continuous provision if you are a childminder or if you are a home educator or parent then you can use them over and over with your children.

We loved the EduTopix box and felt that the box’s are brilliant value for money. The box’s contain 20 plus items for the fantastic price of £24.99 for a one off box and if you subscribe for a monthly box then you receive up to 30% discount on the price of your monthly box depending on how long you subscribe.

We are really excited to receive our next EduTopix box. If you would like to get your hands on the Hop, Skip and Jump box it is available to order up until the 14th June at which point this box will no longer be available. Please visit the website and have a look around, there is something or everyone:


Or check them out on Facebook:

EduTopix Facebook

Love Early Education,

Love Kylie x