Love surprises – Tiddly Box product review

Here at Love Early Education we recently received a lovely gift from Tiddly Box.

Tiddly Box provides a monthly subscription box containing handpicked products aimed at children 0-4 years. Each Tiddly Box contains a variety of 3 – 5 products based on your child’s age range. When ordering a Tiddly Box you can specify the age group from a choice of four. For example Luke’s age group was 3-4 years old. Other options include choosing whether the box is made with a girl or a boy in mind but there is also the option for a surprise so you do not have to choose a gender. Although we chose a gender, the products are gender neutral so I don’t feel this option is particularly needed . I prefer products that aren’t stereotypically aimed at particular gender, so I was pleased in this respect.

Tiddly Box doesn’t charge postage and is currently available in UK only. Tiddly Box fits through your letterbox so there is no staying in waiting for delivery or having to pick it up from your local depot at a later date like some subscription boxes on the market.

What we received

In our Tiddly Box aimed at a boy aged 3-4 years we received:

A pocket play sticker book (RRP £8.99)

A ladybird Peppa Pig Book (RRP £4)

A Early Learning Centre threading card and lace (8 pack details around £6 so RRP each around 75p)

Two Kiddylicious coconut roll snacks (8 pack around £2.50 so RRP each around 30p)

Two twinnings teas (RRP each around 25p)

Also two animal puzzles which I couldn’t price.

The price of a monthly subscription is £14.99 including postage and packaging. If you choose to subscribe for 3 or 6 months this price does reduce to £13.99 or £12.99.

When we received the box Luke was very excited and couldn’t wait to open it and see what was inside. He was thrilled to receive a Peppa Pig Book as he loves Peppa and enjoyed the Peppa plays football story.

We read our Peppa book while enjoying our Kiddylicious snacks, which were not something we would usually buy but would consider buying in future as they were delicious (I should know I tried them). There was also a treat for me in the form of some tasty Twinnings teas to try.

Tiddly Box provides a variety of items which varies month to month, this includes products which could be considered:

Fun : To keep your tiddly ones entertained

Educational: To help with children’s development

Essential: To make life easier

Engaging: To discover new brands and products

Plus a treat for the adults:

Tea: As every parent needs a cuppa.

Tiddly Box definitely provides products that were fun, engaging and educational with an exciting sticker book, some lovely animal puzzles and a threading card and lace which supported fine motor skills development.

Tiddly Box can be purchased as a monthly subscription or as a one off gift. The box is beautifully packaged and offers a range of products that engage and entertain children and are aimed well at their designed age range. Take a look at their website and choose the right box for you:

Tiddly Box

Tiddly Box Facebook

Tiddly Box has been kind enough to offer Love Early Education followers £5 off their first Tiddly Box, just enter promo code:



Love Early Education,

Love Kylie x


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