Love nature – Grow Curious product review

Recently, here at Love Early Education we have been fortunate enough to receive some truly fantastic products from some amazing companies. One of these very special gifts was a Grow Curious box.

Grow Curious is a company ran by a wonderful husband and wife team; Joe and Jenny, whom are based in Snowdonia.

As well as being busy with their truly unique and wonderful company, they are kept busy by 3 children (with one more on the way), 25 chickens, 2 ducks and 2 goats! The company’s aim is to help children and families reconnect with nature and help them to make beautiful memories outside in nature.

Grow Curious aims to provide products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, organic and/or recycled.

When ordering from Grow Curious you are promised 5 full sized products that will provide you with things to grow, fun activities to do and beautiful books to share and they certainly delivered.

What we received

A beautiful book – A Nest is Noisy by Dianne Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long

Something to grow – Sunflower seeds

Activities to do –

Organic egg dye

Nature Bingo

We also received a Grow Curious Zine about Nests; Bird Nesting material and holder (British wool fleece and a coated steel holder) to hang on a tree in your garden and even a lovely bird bookmark for our book.

Even the box filling was fantastic to use as a tuff tray resource.

What we thought

We don’t need much encouraging to get out doors here at Love Early Education but this still gave us a fantastic excuse to get outside. Luke enjoyed going outside to hang our Nesting material holding in the tree, once we talked about what it was and why we were hanging it, Luke asked could we go and get his binoculars and look for the birds who come to make there nest.

We loved ‘A nest is noisy’ – it was educational, interesting and beautiful.

Our Grow Curious box gave us the opportunity to do some planting and now we get to go and water our Sunflower everyday and see if it has grown.

We even got to dye eggs with our organic egg dye. I think I was more excited about this as I have wanted to do this for so long!

Needless to say we were impressed. This product has really stood out for us and is definitely something we would subscribe to in future. It is good value for money; it is a quality product and gives you a fantastic excuse to reconnect with nature and for little ones to learn something new.

Grow Curious has been kind enough to offer all Love Early Education followers and their friends 10% their products with this special discount code:


The code us valid until 30th June 2018, so share far and wide to let everyone Grow Curious.

Love Early Education,

Love Kylie x


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