Love Wildlife – 30 days of Wild 

For day 3 of #30dayswild I took an idea from the Wildlife Trust’s inspiring ideas to stay wild wherever you are, which you receive when you sign up for your 30 day challenge. Today we watched a wild webcam. 

Using webcam feeds and also online videos can be a helpful way of embracing themes and subjects within settings, as well as giving children an opportunity to see things they may not have the chance to see even on trips to the farm or zoo. It can support children’s individual interests too.
Here are a few to start you off:,-4.174804999999992/6//
Depending on the time of year you can use webcams to look at life cycles such as seeing chicks hatch, you can also use them to look at habitats. One of my favourites are safari cams, you get to see wild animals in their own habitats rather than behind barriers in the zoo. My little boy is currently interested in making animals noises, especially lions, monkeys and elephants. These types of videos are an excellent way to capture his interest and improve his understanding of these animals, the way they look, move and sound. 
I hope you can use this post to support and build on interests and curriculum within your own settings and at home.
Love Early Education

Love, Kylie x 


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