Love Outdoor Learning – Day 2 of the 30 days of Wild challenge

Day 2 of the 30 days of wild challenge. When I say we went in the garden it doesn’t sound very exciting but there is a down pour of rain here! It’s so wet out I couldn’t use my phone long enough to get a photo as it was getting soaked! 

So today we got our wet suits and wellies on and went in our garden for a good old splash in the puddles! My little boy loved it, as did I, it’s amazing how refreshing going out in the rain could be.
Going out in the rain can provide plenty of learning activities. 

Here’s 50 ways to play in the rain from brought to you by Mother Natured:

50 Ways to Play in the Rain!

The experience of playing in the rain can be rich in language, talking about the sound, how it feels, how it looks. Don’t forgot singing in the rain, here are a few nursery rhymes about rain:

Rainy Day Nursery Rhymes

Splashing in puddles, jumping, running and for my little boy throwing a ball into puddles are all fantastic for physical development. Embrace a child’s interests and schemas throughout outdoor learning. 

For older children you can talk about the weather, why does it rain? When does it rain?
For maths why not put some containers out and measure how many inches of rain falls, or how much falls in fluid measurements depending what containers you have to hand, if you’ve got jugs or plastic boxes you’ll be surprised the fun you can have. Or make a home made gauge:

Homemade Rain Gauge

How about some rain painting:

Rain Painting

With all this fun to be had, who would want to stay inside when it’s raining!

Please feel free to share your rainy days outside.

Love Early Education 

Love, Kylie x 


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