Love outdoor learning – Day 1 of the 30 day wild challenge 

Yesterday I started the 30 day Wild challenge. 

Here is Day one of the 30 days Wild challenge! 

Going to visit some ducks in the rain.

Whether it’s at the park, a lake or at a nature reserve, there are plenty of places to meet some friendly ducks.

Taking children to meet your local neighbourhood ducks can provide lots of opportunities for learning. These include early language such a what sound a duck makes and learning to say the word duck. You can also talk to children about the colours of the ducks you see and how each one is different. You could use some early maths and count ducks, or for pre-school aged children ask them to keep a tally chart of the different types of ducks they see. 

Older children can discuss habitats of ducks and the other animals they see. Aw well as habitats you can talk about what they eat, make sure to take some seeds instead of bread! You can use maths language to measure how many seeds children are feed the duck, more and less etc.

An exciting learning opportunity during spring is to look at life cycles, try and find some ducklings and talk about duck eggs and the baby ducks.
You can also integrate technology and expressive arts into the outdoors, if you have the resources allow children to use iPads and camera to take photos of the wildlife they encounter to take home or back to the setting. You could also encourage children to draw, paint and create their own ducks. This could even include a little role play of being a duck themselves, encourage them to consider how do ducks move? Do they walk or waddle? Are they fast or slow? What do they do with their feathers and wings? What noise do they make? A little bit of wildlife can go a long way with children and can enrich their learning massively. There is nothing like seeing the real thing when it comes to animals.

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 Love Early Education,

Love, Kylie x


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