Love Sensory Play – A sensory afternoon

I’ve had a lovely sensory afternoon in my university placement today!

We played with shaving foam and jelly, obviously not together. As well as using shaving foam as a sensory activity, we used it as a maths and literacy activity, once the children had, had enough of exploring the sensory experience of the shaving foam we started drawing in it, they were encouraged to draw shapes such as circles and for the older children they were encouraged to draw the letters from their names.

After we’d cleaned up the shaving foam, round 2 of sensory play came out and we had jelly play! I love jelly play because it uses all the senses:
🔹Taste – pretty self explanatory.
🔸Smell – getting to smell the different flavours, today we had strawberry and lime.
🔹Sight – getting to see the different shapes and colours, watching it wobble.
🔸Hear – Hear the different sounds you can make with jelly, the squelch when you squeeze it, the splat when you drop it. Plus all the lovely words you can learn about it, today’s favourites were cold, wet, soft, squishy and sweet.
🔹Last but definitely not least Touch – getting to squash it and squeeze it.

As well as all those lovely senses you can use tools such as spoons, mashers, rolling pins and many others to develop fine motor skills, today we used spoons and bowls. We used the spoons to scoop up the jelly whilst developing the children’s different grasps and filled the bowls and then empty them again, whilst using maths words such as full and empty, more, lots, big spoons and little spoons.

If your looking for a few alternatives to just good old fashioned shaving foam or jelly, here are a few to consider:

🔸Shaving foam paint – great for bath time or outdoor play, washes straight off children and surfaces 😊
🔹Hidden objects – before you let that jelly set pop some objects in there to compliment your current theme, letters, numbers, animals, whatever’s right for you.
🔸 Shaving foam sensory bag – Pop your shaving foam in a zip lock bag for those with allergies or those who aren’t a fan of messy play.
🔹Frozen Jelly – a fantastic sensory science activity.

If you need an alternative to shaving foam cause of allergies or if your in a setting that doesn’t allow it then try an edible alternative such as whipped cream, as long as you consider dairy allergies. Or use lotion instead –

I’m sure there are lots more and I would love to hear any ideas anyone has.

Love Early Education
Love, Kylie x


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